Blue Lei - words by R. Alex Anderson, Music by Milton Beamer

Little things can make a picture to remember
I recall the hat you wore that day in late December
Little things just like the flowers you are wearing
Always linger in my mind

You were wearing a blue lei
The day that I first met you
And we wandered on the sand
By the blue, blue sea

With not a cloud in the sky to distress us
Not a care had you or I to suppress us

I shall always remember
The moment when I kissed you
And the smile upon your lips
So heavenly sweet

When your blue eyes looked into mine
It was then the sun began to shine
That day in May
You wore a blue, blue lei

R.A. Anderson

Source: R. Alex Anderson's Famous Songs of Hawaii - Written for the 1937 Paramount movie "Waikîkî Wedding" starring Bing Crosby, Bob Burns, Shirley Ross and Martha Raye. Copyright 1940, 69 by Alex Anderson Music Inc