Blue Muʻumuʻu - Words & Music by Jack Pitman

My mama made me a blue muʻumuʻu
It’s only made of cotton
With ruffles on the bottom
But oh, how the boys follow me

Why don’t they whistle at my blue muʻumuʻu?
Why do they leave me alone?
They all begin it
The minute that I’m in it
Sometimes I wish I’d stayed at home

Blue as the ocean,
Blue as the sky
How they wink their eye,
How they make me cry
Blue little blue bird
Singing in the tree
Tell me, do they all love me?

Oh how they tease me in my blue muʻumuʻu
Say I’ve a heart made of stone
All I want is quiet
I only cause a riot
But boys never leave me alone

Why do I love to wear my blue muʻumuʻu
Why don’t I stay by myself
I’m just a kumu
In a blue muʻumuʻu
'Fraid I’ll be left on the shelf

Source: Criterion Music Corp © 1957-58-59 Renewal 1985