Bump - Wade Cambern & Ginai Johnston

Bump is what happens if you
Drop in on Braddah's wave
Bump,out in Wai`anae is the
Islands's latest rave

Before the shark bites he always bumps
Come on baby and give me some
Bump, bump, bump baby bump

Bump means it's happening and we're
Pumping out an island groove
Bump make your body feel real
Good when you start to move

Still water and the clear moonlight
Little closer it will be alright
There's nothing I would rather do
Than go bumpin' with you

Bumpin' with my baby on the
Dance floor's what I like to do
Bump me if you want and I'll be
Dancing tonight with you

It's a brand new style
Called di Bump ai
Dis is how we do it in
Da Hawaiian style
So watch for da people
Come test it's your style


Source: Hawaiian Style Band CD