Cocoanut Grove - Words & Music by Harry Owens

I know of a place poets write about
An island of dreams they delight about
Where the birds on high sing a song to us
And the earth and sky belong to us
There's a grove of palms trees
Growing by the sea
Beckoning to you and me

There's a cocoanut grove where life is entrancing
And there sweetheart we'll find romancing
And love for two
By the light of a south sea island moon
There's a cocoanut grove
Where your happy lover
Will do his part and soon discover a rendezvous
In the shelter of a tropical lagoon
Palm trees will be swaying
While steel guitars are playing
Believe what I'm saying dear
I swear it's true
There's a cocoanut grove
Where I'll be confessing
The simple truth that you've been guessing
Sweetheart, I love but you
Source: Copyright Royal Music Publisher, 447 Ilimanu Street, Kailua, HI. 96734