Coconut Willie - Lyrics & music by Jack de Mello & Bob Magoon

Coconut Willie lives in a tree
He's plenty pupule it's easy to see
Tourists in Hawaiʻi think he's a king
They come to Waikīkī to see his ʻōpū swing

Now Willie learned to hula at three
'Neath the coco palms at Waikīkī
Now when ʻukuleles play
The palm trees sway
And Willie tells the story of Hawaiʻi nei

When malihinis come to town
Willie greets them with a smile not a frown
He rubs them with oil
So they won't broil
He never lets a single piece of shark bait spoil
A co-ed from the U of Quebec
Took Willie to a discotheque
He shouted "auwē, da kind groovin' a okay,
But ʻōpū and ʻōkole no can shake that way."

Willie gave cooking lessons for free
To a Chinese chef in Kaimukī
But the chef flipped his lid
When he saw what Willie did
He stuffed his fortune cookies full of poi and squid.

Source: There were many later revisions of this song.