I Ku Mau Mau - Chant

Alaka'i: I ku mau mau

Pane: I ku wa


I ku mau mau
I ku huluhulu
I ka lanawao

Pane: I ku wa

Alaka'i: I ku lanawao

I ku wa
I ku wa huki
I ku wa ko
I ku wa a mau
A mau ka eulu
E huki e


David Malo

Malo was born about 1793, at Keauhou, North Kona. His mother was Heone and his father Aoao, who served in the court of Kamehameha I. His exceptional memory and ability to chant genealogies caught the attention of the royalty, especially that of a chiefess who married him. After her death, he moved to Maui and married another chiefess from Lahaina. He attended Lahainaluna where he excelled in studies, accepted Christianity and was encouraged to document Hawaiian history and traditions. Appointed the 1st superintendent of schools for Hawaii, he was elected to the 1st House of Representatives in 1842 and was ordained a minister. Assigned to a church in Kula, Maui, he lived there with his 3rd wife.


Leader: Stand up together

Response: Stand and shout


Stand together
Haul with all your might
Under the mighty trees

Response: Stand at intervals

Leader: Stand up among the tall forest trees

Stand at intervals
Stand at intervals and pull
Stand at intervals and haul
Stand in place and haul
Haul branches and all
Haul now
Stand up



Source: Updated translation by Ainsley Halemanu - This chant, shared by Pua Kanaka'ole is from David Malo's Hawaiian Antiquities and was sung when the great logs for canoes and/or heiau idols were hauled. The spirit of the chant calls for the joining together of people for a single purpose. This was used in the protest march against the Bishop Estate Trustees, May 1997 and the vigils at the State Capitol against the Gathering Rights and Autonomy Bills, Jan/Feb 1998.