Dear Old Honolulu - Words & Music by Sonny Cunha

Fair green hills and waving palm trees
Laughing waters, brilliant skies
Everything that tends to heart's ease
Everything to please the eyes
We have found in Honolulu
We who come from foreign parts
But the dearest fascination
Comes from out your big warm hearts

Dear old Honolulu town
Smiling in rainbow rays
My all I'd give if I could live
With you always
Take we a fond remembrance
Of every smiling face
So goodbye, Honolulu
You're a dear old place

From the summit of the Pali
Down the steep Nuʻuanu vale
Blows the kindly northern trade wind
Cooling, friendly, welcome gale
Ever as it bends the palm trees
Hear we whisper from above
"Linger with us, and we'll teach you
How to rest and how to love"

Source: Bergstrom Collection