Green Rose Hula - Laida Paia/John K. Almeida

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No ka pua loke lau ke aloha
No ka uʻi kau i ka wēkiu

Kō ʻala onaona i ʻaneʻi
Hoʻolale mai ana e walea

E walea pū aku me ʻoe
I ka hana noʻeau hoʻoipo

A he ipo ʻoe naʻu i aloha
Ka ʻanoʻi a kuʻu puʻuwai

Ka hāʻupu ka haliʻa ka ʻiʻini
Me ʻoe mau aku nō ia

Hoʻi mai kāua lā e pili
ʻOiai ka manawa kūpono

Haʻina ʻia mai ka puana
Nou nō green rose ke aloha

Green Rose


My love goes to the green rose
The blossom I esteem the highest

Its fragrance reaches me here
Inviting my thoughts to be carefree

To spend the time pleasantly with you
In the delightful pastime of wooing

You are the sweetheart I love
The darling of my heart

May recollection, remembrance
And desire always be with you

Now, now is the time
For us to be together

This is the end of my song
For you, beloved green rose

Source: Na Mele Aloha - The green rose is called the "leaf rose". Laida Paia, Mrs. James Keoni Willis, a member of John Almeida's trio composed this mele although it has always been attributed to Almeida. She was the mother of Koko Willis and John acknowledged and always gave her due credit when he performed it, especially when Koko or other members of her family were in the audience. Confirmed by Pali Lee, wife of Koko Willis who died in 1994. Music clip by Lani Lee Translated by Mary Pukui, Hawaiian Text edited by Puakea Nogelmeier