Haʻuhaʻu Ē - music by Harry Owens

He maʻi no ka lani, haʻuhaʻu ē
No Kahōʻanokū, haʻuhaʻu ē

Hoʻolewa aʻe ʻoe, ha`uha`u ê
Ai kū pono iho, haʻuhaʻu ē

Kāpae na ʻolo, haʻuhaʻu ē
Aʻo nēia puhi nui, haʻuhaʻu ē
**Nā ʻoiʻoi o ka puhi, haʻuhaʻu ē

Ka neʻe no ʻoe, haʻuhaʻu ē
A i lalo i ke pulu, haʻuhaʻu ē

I lalo iho ʻoe, haʻuhaʻu ē
A i lalo loa iho, haʻuhaʻu ē

Haʻina kou maʻi, haʻuhaʻu ē
A he maʻi no ka lani, haʻuhaʻu ē

**alternate stanza

This is a mele maʻi for the chief, puff, puff
For Kahōʻanokū, puff, puff

Rotate the hips, puff, puff
Up and down, puff, puff

Push aside the scrotum, puff, puff
Of this large eel, puff, puff
**Soothe the aggressive eel, puff, puff

You push along, puff, puff
Down to the wool, puff, puff away

Down you go, puff, puff
Way down below, puff, puff

Tell of your maʻi, puff, puff
A maʻi song for the chief, puff, puff away

Source: Kamehameha IHS - This pro-creation chant or mele maʻi, set to music, honors Kahōʻanokū, son of Kamehameha I and his wife Peleuli. The custom of composing a mele maʻi to honor the private parts of a child of high station, also gave hope for the continuity of families. Eel is the male organ.