Hawaiʻi We Will Return - Words & Music by: E. Kealiʻi Blaisdell

Imagine there's a place, a beauty beyond compare
And of people, who'd give their love to you and me
A place where it used to be to raise your family
But now Hawaiʻi, is not Hawaiʻi anymore

From the Koʻolau's to the Waiʻanae range we have missed you
From Kokeʻe to Maunakea this was our home
From our valleys to the ocean is where my people roamed
We will return to you again

Hawaiʻi was once our kingdom, our lands were vast and green
And now there's buildings and people everywhere
Annexation was the key to overthrow our monarchy
That's why Hawaiʻi is not Hawaiʻi anymore

Source: E. Kealiʻi Blaisdell Album "Keeping It Traditional" - This song was written as a message. Over the years Hawaiʻi has changed since the first missionaries arrived. The Hawaiian people have lost everything to big business and government and the United States seems to have forgotten about our native people. Copyright 2005