Hawaiian Charm - Words by Lydia Schaefer, music by George "Gippy" Cooke

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Silvery light, a pathway bright
The moon in a starlit sky
Soft summer breeze, languorous trees
Hawaiian evening is nigh

On beaches of white in the silent night
Waves croon in a soft lullaby
Blue holokū, ukulele or two
Gold hula moon on high
Softly croon a kanaka tune
Hawaiian evening is nigh

Coconut palms, lingering charms
A smile, Hawaiʻi, a sigh
Bending so low, that I but know
"Aloha" our evening passed by

Source: G. Cooke collection -This poem, written in 1928, by Lydia Schaefer is reflective of that time in Hawaiʻi. When her son, George Cooke III, found it later in her papers, he set it to a waltz. The music came to him as he was reading it. Music clip by Gippy Cooke © G. Cooke