Hīnano - by Sol Bright

Oh, how I wish that you were near me
So I can say the sweetest things to you
With your loving arms around me
Love stories could be told to you
'Neath the south Pacific moonlight
Hīnano, I love you darling, Hīnano

My heart is like a burning ember
Just craving for the love of you tonight
From that moment you remember
When we kissed out in the moonlight
And the stars were out of sight
Hīnano, I love you darling, Hīnano 

I weave a lei of roses
A wreath to my devotion
But now my heart discloses
Confessing possession of you

I'd give the world just to be near you
So I can live a life of love anew
We will roam the beach together
And the stars above will guide us
On the road to paradise
Hīnano, I love you darling, Hīnano
Solomon Kamaluhia Kekipi Ke Aliikaapuni
Ku Keala Oka Mahanahana Bright