Honolulu Eyes - Words by Howard Johnson, Music by Violinsky

In Hawaiʻi, that's where we met
I can't forget
I see her yet
And her eyes that shone just for me
Still live in my memory
In Hawaiʻi, love-light will burn
Two eyes will yearn
Till I return
And to bring me safe from afar
They will be my guiding star

Honolulu eyes,
They haunt me,
Honolulu eyes,
They want me underneath the palms
They're waiting patiently, tenderly, calling me o'er the sea,
Where they play the tune, "Aloha" underneath the moon
I know a road to paradise
In the light that lies,
In those Hula, Honolulu eyes

Source:Hits from Hawaii for the Ukulele - Copyright 1950 Miller Music Corp.