Honolulu Girl - R. Alex Anderson
She always wears, a flower lei
She's Hawaiian all the way
It's her lovely hula hands
It's her ʻamiʻami
It's her style, Hawaiian style

So you could say, I've been around
A lot of gorgeous girls I found
But they never can compare
With my lovely Honolulu girl (Honolulu girl)

When the moon shines bright in the tropic night
Kuʻu ipo comes to me
She says, "I love you"
And I know it's true
In the moonlight by the sea

Source: Hailama Farden Collection - Composed in 1982, this song may have been written for the Honolulu Boy's Choir. After the choir learned Honolulu Girl, the composer, R. Alex Anderson was invited to hear the Boy's Choir perform his song.