Honolulu I Am Coming Back Again
Words by F. B. Silverwood Music by David Lindeman
Far out in the Pacific
Two thousand miles away
There lie some magic islands
Where all men love to stray

The sea nymphs piled the coral
Up above the ocean's crest
And then the legend has it
The angels did the rest

They painted pretty valleys
And they built stately hills
They dug out lovely canyons
And they turned on laughing rills

They scattered ferns and flowers
In the lowlands and the high
And when they were completed
Why they called the group Hawaiʻi
I seem to hear the Pali calling me
I seem to hear the surf at Waikīkī
And from Pacific Heights
I seem to see the lights
Of a city that is very dear to me

I seem to see the waving sugar cane
The coco palms all nodding in the rain
In fancy I am led
Back to dear old Diamond Head
Honolulu, I am coming back again
Honolulu, I am coming back again

Source: Copyright 1922 F.B. Silverwood