Hoʻomau - Traditional

Heaha kēia e ke aloha
E hāʻupu aʻe nei ia loke
Ma he ala eʻi aʻe ana
E koʻolua no ka makemake

E aha ia ana ʻoe
I ka kana ʻāhiuhiu o Uwahi
O kana hana mau no ia
O ka hoʻomau a hoʻomau

Ua lana ua laʻi ke manaʻo
Eia ʻoia la i kuʻu poli
Ua uo ia no e pili
Ua poni ia a paʻa

What is the matter, sweetheart
That a sudden idea should come?
A thought that seems to be asking
For a mate to love

What is the matter with you
Acting as strange as the ship, Uwahi?
The thing that should always be done
Is to love persistently

There is hope, the mind is at rest
Here she is in my arms
Held tightly and close within
Bound by love to me and held fast

Source: "This Is Bill Kaiwa" CD Translated by Mary Pukui