Hula Jazz - Owana Salazar

Take me to the hills of Mauna Kea
Make me a flower lei from here to there
Lovely Mauna Loa sunrise cruisin'
Making time for me and you and a little Hula Jazz

Beach side, local babes are tan and plenty
High tide, `Ehukai is breaking twenty
Surfing, catch a wave my heart is racing
Total thrill anticipation for a little Hula Jazz

Hula Jazz, round the island, swaying coco palms
Steel guitars playing melodies
Heart strings calling to a memory
Hula Jazz, sun fire in an open sky
Kisses of a trade wind on your face
Evening shadows falling cool
(Still there's nothing like)

Moonlight silver shimmer on the ocean
Tonight grooving in Hawaiian motion
Dancing on timeless golden sand
Living in aloha land with a little Hula Jazz

Source: Hula Jazz CD by Owana Salazar - Visit Owana