Hula Rock - I.Mihana

Well, I'm a Mama from Kailua
Living on a beautiful bay
I've been working real hard
Raising up a great family

I've been cleaning
Scrubbing, Cooking, Loving
Now I just want to play

I want to kick off my shoes
Let my hair down
Grab a lavalava and shake it to town

I want to mash the sweet potatoes
Bump the coconuts
Grind the Kona coffee and drink it all up

I want to Hula Rock
Cuz I'm a Hula Rock Mama
Like the waves in the oceans
Wind through the trees

I've got the hula motion and
I'm moving like the breeze
I want to Hula Rock
Cause I'm a Hula Rock Mama

Source: I.Mihana CD, "Rust On The Moon" - dedicated to all Kailua Mamas who Hula Rock