I've Gone Native Now - Paul Page

First I went to a big luʻau
Kānes and wāhines showed me how
Eating fish and poi, oh, what a joy
I’ve gone native now

Then I strolled down Waikīkī way
Where moonlight nights seem like day
Played my ukulele, oh so gaily
I’ve gone native now

I’ve learned to sing Hawaiian
Do the hula ʻami too
Do it without any trying
What more could I do?

My little dance you will adore
Round the island to the floor
With a little wiggle here and a little wiggle there
I’ve gone native now

Now I live in a little grass shack
Wear a ti leaf skirt and a coconut hat
Eating on the floor, like days of yore
I've gone native now

I go surfing every day
Way outside, catch a big wave
Riding kahakai aʻole kapakahi
I've gone native now

Source: Written in 1936, the composer taught guitar and ukulele at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.