Ka Hana Ia A Ke Aloha (Thatʻs What Love Does)- Words & music by Charles E. King

Ua ʻike no ʻoe ua ʻike no au
Ua ʻike like hoʻi kāua
Na hana huʻi koni a ka puʻuwai puʻuwai
Ka ʻiniki wela hoʻolau wili ka
Kāua e ʻike nei

Pehea hoʻi ia a e maha ai e maha ai
Mehe ala a he hoʻokahi no hana a e pono ai
Aia no a ʻike i nā maka o kuʻu lei kuʻu ipo nohea

Kuʻu pua nani ka wehi hoʻi
A ka manaʻo e liʻa nei
I hoa kui lima no ke ano ahiahi ahiahi
Ua ʻike no au ua ʻike no ʻoe loku hala ʻole a loko

Ua kamaʻāina naʻe hoʻi kāua
O ka hana ia a ke aloha
O ka hana ia a ke aloha

You know and I know too
We both know
The active throbbing in the heart
The burning pinch and the confusion
We both know

Why not let it rest
It seems that there is only one thing that could help
That is to see the face of my darling

The utter loveliness of my beautiful blossom
Is in my thoughts, the desire is here
My hand holding companion of the evening hours
I know and you know this intense feeling within will not pass away

My love, sweetheart, we both know very well
That is the way of love
That is the way of love

Source: King's Songs of Hawaiʻi - Verse 1,2,4 translated by Mary Pukui, Verse 3 translated by Kaʻiʻini Garza-Maguire. Edited by Kaʻiʻini Garza-Maguire. © 1942 Charles E. King