Kiss Me Love - John K. Almeida

Kiss me love, my darling kuʻu ipo
Kuʻu lei gardenia onaona

Pili mau kāua e ke aloha
Kuʻu lei nani aʻo ʻoe ia

Aʻo ʻoe nō ka pua i poni ʻia
I kukuni paʻa ʻia ka ʻiʻini

Aia i laila ka ʻiʻini
Kaʻanoʻi a nei puʻuwai

Nani wale ke aloha o ka ipo
Nowelo i ka pili ʻaoʻao

Haʻina mai ka puana
Kuʻu lei aloha ʻo ʻoe nō ʻia

Kiss me love, my darling sweetheart
My fragrant gardenia wreath

Let us be together forever, my love
My precious, beautiful lei, it is you

You are indeed, the flower that has been designated
And branded firmly by my desire

It is there that my desires are found
Along with the longing of my heart

The love of my sweetheart is truly wonderous
Seeking to be at the other’s side

Let the story be told
My beloved lei, it is truly you

Source: John Kameaaloha Almeida CD and Richard Kauhi CD available from Cord International, PO Box 152, Ventura, CA 93002, - One of the few hapa haole songs written by John K. Almeida, “Dean of Hawaiian Music” Transcription & Translation by Keola Donaghy