Kupa Landing (Cooper Landing) - by Lot Kauwe 

Hoʻokena i ka laʻi
Honomū aʻo nā manu
ʻIke ia i ka lihi aliʻa ʻoe pūlale mai
ʻO Kupa Landing
Hanohano i ka maka
Hoʻolu ʻia nō Hoʻokena
Hoʻoheno ana i ka manaʻo
Nā kupa o ka ʻāina
Hoʻolu i ka maka o ka malihini
Kani nei, kani nei, kani nei
Aʻo nā manu
U la laē, u la laē u

Hone nei, hone nei, hone nei
I Hoʻokena
I ke kulukulu aumoe

Hoʻokena in the calm
Honomū of the birds
See a little bit and you long to rush there
Cooper Landing
Glorious to see
Truly pleasant is Hoʻokena
Cherished in the thoughts of the
Residents of the land
Pleasant in the sight of the visitor
Sing, sing, sing
The birds

Singing sweetly
At Hoʻokena
In the midnight hours

Source: Kawai Cockett "Beautiful Kaua`i" Album - This Hawaiian cowboy yodelling song reminds us of the days when cattle would be led to the water and swim to ships off-shore at Cooper Landing in Hoʻokena, to be sent to the Honolulu market. Translated by Kini Sullivan