Lani - by Jack Pitman

Fragrant flowers cool and sweet
Remind me of my Lani
Blossoms for her hands and feet
But none as fair as Lani
No matter how they try and try
No other hands can hold me
No matter if I live or die
No other arms enfold me
Stars are falling from the sky
They're falling for my Lani
Falling stars are in her eyes
For they adore my Lani
Although she makes me cry and cry
Although her lips may scold me
I'll know she'll be love my bye and bye
For Lani's eyes have told me
Palm trees by the Ala Wai
Bow their heads before her
How they sigh when she walks by
Just because they love her
HaŹ»ina mai and so goodbye
Goodbye to tears and sorrow
My Lani will be kissed tonight
And she'll be mine tomorrow

Source: Baker Collection