Little Kona Hat - Edna Farden Bekeart & Irmgard Farden `Âluli

Little Kona hat goes with this or that
Funny old pāpale for the skinny or fat
Wear it with a smile, real Hawaiian style
Trim it with hibiscus or a little grass shack
Malihini's fair, wear it with an air
All the kamaʻāina wear it everywhere
To a hukilau or a big lūʻau
Wear this sassy Kona hat

Little Kona hat, cute for this or that
Even for relaxing on your lauhala mat
Where it everywhere, any isle afair
Hoʻomalimali when there's never a care
Keiki love it too, even old tūtū

Wear it when they do the hula kuʻi for you
When you're feeling gay and you're on your way
Wear this sassy Kona hat (right on the poʻo)
Sassy little Kona hat

Edna Farden Bekeart

Hailama Farden from "Kani ka pila! The musical legacy of Irmgard Kealiʻiwahinealohanohokahaopuamana Farden ʻAluli."