Love Child - Wade Cambern

They steal your heart
You raise then right
You kiss them once and they'll kiss you again
And all the time
It's in the back of your mind
Their future rests right in your hands

It's hard to find the strength to let go
Or when to step in and show you care
But by the time they're old enough and should know
They're on their own, take your part in life

Love child, you're my love child

Your mother's home
She's got a life of her own
She kissed you once, she'll kiss you again
Just keep in mind you
Won't agree all the time
And sometimes there's fences to mend

Come to find someone with a past
Just shows up and makes her really mad
And by the time all the anger has passed
You're the only one who really cares

Everyone's a victim, everybody fails to see
What we have in common; innate ability to be

When I look back on
All the things I've done wrong
Didn't trust my heart, didn't trust in no one
I think I did my very best, to carry on
And come back, trusting again

Come to find all the things that won't last
Didn't mean that much to me in the end
And if I'm right, when my lifetime has passed
You're the only one who really cares

Love child

Source: Hawaiian Style Band CD