Love Song of Tahiti - George Van Blyenburg, Eric Lee and Rodney Bejer

E taʻi toʻu mafatu
No to ʻoe here

My heart yearns
For you, my love

Tonight is the night for love and delight in Tahiti
Come and play with me along the rolling blue sea in Tahiti
Oh, the moonlight will shine and then all things divine, you’ll see
Tiaré will bloom with your sweet perfume in Tahiti

Ia orana, Ia orana, Ia orana, Ia orana Tahiti
Come and dance, take a chance with the dance of romance in Tahiti
Te vahine, oh baby won’t you come and dance with me
To the rhythm of the rolling sea
Soothing love in ecstacy

Source: Eric Lee - From the album "Crossroads" - Eric Lee (2009) / also from the album "Anthology: 1994-2014 by Eric Lee © 2010 Lee Enterprises (BMI)
Manaʻo: This mele was initially conceived by Keoki V of the island music group Ka‘ala Boys, of which Eric Lee was a member of in the early 2000s. Originally called “Roselani”, it had English lyrics and a “katchi-katchi rhythm". As members of Ka‘ala Boys, Lee and Bejer collaborated heavily on songwriting and creation, and after hearing the mele, Eric Lee suggested modifying the lyrics and music to reflect more of a Tahitian flavor. Bassist Rodney Bejer liked the idea, and he and Lee rewrote the song that was later recorded on a Ka‘ala Boys album after Lee's departure from the band. Eric Lee chose to revisit the song, composing an intro, for his “Crossroads” album in 2009.