Lovely Hula Hands - by R. Alex Anderson
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Lovely hula hands
Graceful as the birds in motion
Gliding like the gulls over the ocean
Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani ē

Lovely hula hands
Telling of the rains in the valley
And the swirling winds over the pali
Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani ē

I can feel your soft caresses
Of your hula hand
s, your lovely hula hands
Every little move expresses so I'll understand
All the tender meaning

Of your hula hands
Fingertips that say, "Aloha"
Say to me again, "I love you"
Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani ē

Source: Watching a hula dancer at a party, the composer heard someone say "Aren't her hands lovely". This was the inspiration for his most popular composition written in 1939, that was later identified with hula artist, Aggie Auld. © 1940, 41, 68, 69 EMI Miller. Music clip by Lani Lee