Lucky You Come Hawaiʻi - Bill Howe & Marji Houser

Lucky you come Hawaiʻi
To stroll along the sea
Lucky you come Hawaiʻi
And stumbled over me

I was lying there
In a rickety chair
With nothing at all to do
When you fell for me in Waikīkī
I started falling too

Ev'ryone loves Hawaiʻi
The isles of fish and poi
Ev'ryone knows Hawaiʻi
The place where girl meets boy
For it feels so grand
To lie in the sand
While the palm trees sway above
Lucky you come Hawaiʻi
Because it made us so lucky in love

Source: Sterling Mossman Decca Album "Happy In Hawaiʻi" - Criterion Music Corp. Copyright 1956-59, Renewal 1984