Mahina's Lullaby - Words & music by Eric Lee & Louis "Moon" Kauakahi

ʻAkahi hoʻi a ʻike iā ʻoe
Ua lewa hoʻi koʻu manaʻo
ʻO kō leo a i lohe ʻia
E aloha mai

Ua ʻike aʻe nei
Ua paʻa ʻia mai kō alo
Ma kuʻu poli e hiʻipoi nei
E pili mau

Ke hea nei iā ʻoe
E walea pū kāua
I neʻi hoʻi ka ʻiʻini iā loko
A ʻo loko ka hā a ke aloha

He aloha nou e Mahina
ʻO Mahinakūlua, he inoa

The first time I saw you
I became lost in thought
Perhaps because I heard your voice
That greeted me

Then I realized
That your face became imprinted in my mind
In my heart to cherish
Bonded forever

I'm calling to you
Let us delight in each other's company
Here indeed is the desire of my heart
Within, the breath of love

With love for you, Mahina
Mahinakūlua is your name

Source: From the album "Anthology: 1994-2014 " by Eric Lee; - © 2014 Lee Enterprises (BMI) Manaʻo: A name song written for Ericʻs third daughter, Malina Isabella Mahinakūlua Lee. The "Mahina" (moon in Hawaiian) in her name is also used in honor of Ericʻs mentor, Louis "Moon" Kauakahi, who is also credited in this songʻs composition.