Mai Poina ʻOe Iaʻu - by Lizzie Doirin

ʻO ʻoe kaʻu i hāʻupu aʻe nei
E ka ʻōpua hiki ahiahi
Hiki maila nō hoʻi ʻoe
Maha aʻela nei puʻuwai
Mai poina ʻoe iaʻu
E kaʻu mea e liʻa nei
E hoʻomaumau ka ʻikena
I mau ai ke koiʻi a loko
Ohaoha wale hoʻi
Ko aloha iaʻu nei
Me ʻoe pū aku nō ia ʻupu
I lei mau no nā kau a kau
It is you that I am thinking of
O cloud that comes in the evening
And when you have come
This heart is at rest
Do not forget me
Beloved, of my heart
Let your visits be more frequent
That the love may remain fresh, within
Your love is ever fresh to me
May you too, feel the same
That our love be as a lei
Throughout the seasons

Facsimile of ribbon Queen Liliʻuokalani gave to her friends when she was imprisoned in ʻIolani Palace.

Source: Leilani Sexton (grandaughter of Lizzie and Alfred Alohikea) - Elizabeth Kahau Alohikea used the pen name of Lizzie Doirin on some of her compositions. She may have used this name to honor one of her aunts, Doirin. This mele was first published 1907, in the Hawaiian News Co. Ltd. © 1916, 43 Charles E. King Translation by Mary Pukui