Maui Nō Ka 'Oi - Rev. Samuel Kapu

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Hanohano launa ʻole
Aʻo Maui la i ka laʻi
Haʻaheo no kualono
Aʻo Maui no la ka ʻoi
ʻAʻohe lua e like ai
Māhiehie launa ʻole
Hiaʻai wale Haleakalā
A ʻo Maui no la ka ʻoi

Makemake e ʻike aku
A i ka ua lani haʻahaʻa
Me ka wai anapanapa
Aʻo Maui no la ka ʻoi

Nani wale ke ʻike aku
I ke one o Punahoa
Me ka wai o Waiheʻe
Aʻo Maui no e ka ʻoi

Majestic beyond compare
Is Maui in the calm
Proud, her mountain tops
For Maui excells
There is none to compare with her
In her calm tranquility
A joy always, is Haleakalā
Maui excells

One would like to see
The rain and the low sky
And the sparkling waters
Maui excells

Beautiful to the sight
Is the sand of Punahoa
And the water of Waiheʻe
Maui excells all

Source: Kings's Songs of Hawaiʻi ©1942. Charles E. King - Verse 2, stanza 2, Hana is called "land of the low sky" because of the heavy, pouring rains. They say the sky is so low, one can reach up and almost hold the moon. Stanza 3, the sparkling waters refers to the legend of a chief searching for his wife whom he believed was unfaithful. He found her when the kahili waved by her servant was reflected in the sparkling waters of a pool. Slack key and steel guitarists popularized this mele as Maui Chimes. Verse 3, explanation and translation by Mary Pukui - Music clip by Gippy Cooke