Mī Nei (How About Me) - Words & music by Charles E. King

Ke huli hele (ke huli hele)
Aʻe nei ʻoe (huli ʻoe)
E ake ana e kō (e ake e kō)
Ka ʻanoʻi a loko (loko)

Mauka makai (mauka makai)
I ʻō i ʻaneʻi (iʻō i ʻaneʻi)
Kāu huli ʻana (kāu huli ʻana)
I kō ka ʻiʻini (ka ʻiʻini a loko)

Pehea nō hoʻi (pehea nō hoʻi)
I nā maʻaneʻi (maʻaneʻi kāua)
Kilohi mai ʻoe (kilohi mai ʻoe)
I nēia uʻi

Nā pāpālina (nā pāpālina)
Aʻo mī nei (mī nei)
Nāu e ʻike mai (nāu e ʻike mai)
Noho ē ke onaona (ona)

Pali ē ke kua (pali ē ke kua)
Mahina ē ke alo (mahina ē ke alo)
Maʻaneʻi poli ʻoe (maʻaneʻi poli ʻoe)
Pumehana kāua (pumehana kāua)

Nā maka nei (nā maka nei)
Kaʻili puʻuwai (kaʻili puʻuwai)
Ke honi nei ihu (ke honi nei ihu)
ʻOlu ʻoe ʻolu wau

Nēia mau lima (nēia mau lima)
Nēia poʻohiwi (lima)
ʻAlawa mai ʻoe (ʻalawa mai ʻoe)
Aia i lalo ia nani (nani)

Ke kiʻina nei lā (ke kiʻina nei lā)
A ka lawe mālie (a ka lawe mālie)
Hoʻohihi ʻoe (hoʻohihi ʻoe)
Ke ʻike mai (ke ʻike mai)

Haʻina ka puana (haʻina ka puana)
Pili i kaʻu kēpau (pili i kaʻu kēpau)
ʻAhahana lilo ʻoe (ʻahahana lilo ʻoe)
Lilo iā mī nei
Searching for love
Are you
Wanting love
In your heart

In the mountains, by the sea
Here and there
For your desire

Why not
Look this way
Glance here
At this beauty

These cheeks
Of mine
You will see
Are soft and sweet

Straight as a cliff is my back
Bright as the moon my face
Come to my bosom
We'll both be warm

These eyes
Pierce the heart
Kiss and
You're satisfied, I'm satisfied

These hands
These shoulders
You, glance over here
There below is beauty

Inviting you
Take it easy
You'll be entranced
With what you see

The story is told
Tied fast to my leading string
Watchout, you're caught
Caught by me

Source: Kings's Hawaiian Melodies, Translator unknown © 1948 by Charles E.King