My Lūʻau Girl - Words by G.H. Stover Music by Henry Kailimai

I've a plump Hawaiian sweetheart
Who fills days and nights with joy
At a lūʻau first I met her
As she dipped into the poi
When she reached to get the laulau
I saw lovely rounded arms
And she wore a pretty muʻumuʻu
Which did hide some graceful charms
Then the music played a hula
And she danced around the floor
Fast the lupe circulated
And I loved her more and more
Late a taxi took us homeward
And I hugged and squeezed her tight
E hana hou iho hoʻi, she whispered
So I called again next night
Some days we drive to the Pali
And make love beneath the trees
And she strums her ʻukulele
As we sit there in the breeze
Every day we are together
And contentment fills my breast
We are happy all the day-time
But the night-times are the best

Source: McKee Collection - Dedicated to Miss Ethel Davis