Na Wai - Martha Webb Costa

Nanea no au i ka wai aniani
Ha huʻihuʻi o ka ʻehu kakahiaka
Ke holo koʻieʻie iho lā
Na wai e ʻike i ka holo lā

Na wai na ʻano wai like ʻole
Na wai kaulana o ka moku lā
Na wai na ʻano ʻono like ʻole
ʻO ka ʻoi no naʻe kuʻu wai ʻapo

Puni no au i ka wai ʻaleʻale
He ʻioʻioleʻa i ka puʻumomoni
Ke pau a ʻanakoe i ka leʻa lā
Na wai e ʻike i ka makewai

Hoʻaʻo no au i ka wai ko mio
Konikoni lua loko a ka puʻuwai
Ke ʻulolohi i ke kula
Na wai e nana i kēia wai

Haʻina ka puana o na wai likeʻole
Hoʻaʻo i ka ʻono o na wai a pau
Kena ʻia e ka wai ʻapo wale no
Pau ka ninau ʻana o na ʻano wai

I enjoyed the clear water
Coolness in the dust of morning
When it descends rushing
Who can know the course it takes

The waters, the different waters
The famous waters of the land
The waters, all delicious
Yet best is the leaf-caught water

I delighted in the rippling water
Lively in the throat
When the pleasure is complete
Who can follow it further

I tried the swiftly flowing water
Which thrills the heart within
When it slows in the plains
Who can care for this water

Tell the story of the different waters
I have tasted them all
Satisfied only by the leaf-caught water
I ask nothing more of the water

Source: "Owana" CD by Owana Salazar - A playful song of love’s experience told in metaphors of Na Wai, the different waters.
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