No Hilahila - Words by Irmgard Aluli, Music by Ed Halleway

Pau ka hana time to play
Change the lole, no delay
One kāmau, and make it now
No hilahila

Holoholo down the way
Auntie make tripe stew today
So make it fast, step on the gas
No hilahila

One ʻōmole take some lole
And the pila too
In a chak-a-lack, to our little shack
There on the beach we'll go

We'll make happy all night long
Time no matta with a song
No say "pau," say "wela ka haʻo"
No hilahila

Our shack is way out there
And there's always room to spare
Sleep on the mat, my aching back
No hilahila

There is just one dinky store
Mama san sells booze and more
The business boom, Japan go soon!
No hilahila

No need dress up, no need make up
Just relax all day
No need work hard, only play cards
But if you lose you pay

So leave progress way behind
In the country you can find
You get a break, can sleep 'til late
No hilahila

No hilahila! No hilahila! No hilahila!

Source: Hailama Farden from "Kani ka pila! The musical legacy of Irmgard Kealiʻiwahinealohanohokahaopuamana Farden Aluli."