Old Plantation - Words by Mary Jane Montano, Music by David Nape

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Pua wale mai nō ke aloha
Ka paia puīa i keʻala
I ka wai huʻihuʻi aniani
Koʻiawe ka huila wai
Aia i laila ka ʻiʻini
Ka ʻanoʻi a koʻu puʻu wai

Old Plantation nani ʻoe
Home pumehana i ke aloha
I ka ʻolu o ka niu
I ka poli o ke onaona

Nahenahe ke ʻala o nā pua
I ka pe ʻia e ke kēhau
Hoʻolaʻi nā manu i laila
Hoʻoipo i ke oho o ka niu
Luhe ʻehu ka palai i ka nuʻa
I ka ʻolu o ka Old Plantation

Victoria Ward
Love and affection ever rise
For the fragrance of flowers I adore
Bubbling water, sparkling and refreshing
Come from yonder water wheel
The charms and pleasures I hold dear
A spot that is dear to my heart

Old Plantation, how beautiful you are
Home ever warm with love
In the shade of the waving palms
In the bosom of fragrance

Softly-scented are the flowers
Moistened by the touch of dew
It is there that birds find solace
And romance among the coconut fronds
Palai ferns lean and bend in abundance
In the pleasant surroundings of Old Plantation

Source: Victoria Robinson married Curtis Ward, a personal friend of Kamehameha IV in 1865. Old Plantation was their elegant home at the corner of King St. and Ward Ave., present site of the Neal Blaisdell Center. The home, built in 1880, was part of the vast 100 acre Ward Estate with streams, fish ponds, a water wheel and private school. The Wards and their seven daughters were intimate friends of Hawaiian royalty and loyal supporters of the monarchy. When the last of the reclusive Ward sistesr, living at Old Plantation, died in 1958, the City & County of Honolulu purchased the mauka section of the estate for more than $2 million. Mrs. Montano was a close friend of the Ward family and it is said that David Nape wrote this song in about half an hour. © 1938, 66 EMI Miller - Music clip by Lani Lee