Our Nation In Song - by Jason Lent and Δ’lan

Sometimes it feels like a dream
But in the darkest night we must still believe
When you feel you`ve lost it all
We must all stand tall
And reach deep inside
They will never take our pride.
We must stand strong
We can go on
Our nation in song
Hold our heads up high
Reach for the sky

Let's join as one
And overcome
Keep holding on
Stand proud on this day
God bless the USA (my country `tis of thee)
Sweet land of liberty

When all we fought for is taken from us
And all that's left doesn't feel like enough
Our flag will still be standing
With the grace of God providing
Let's reach deep inside
They will never take our pride

Source: A recording session Tuesday night, September 11, was unproductive for members of DisGuyz. Unable to concentrate on work for their next album, the members spoke of their feelings of helplessness amidst this profound tragedy. An outpouring of their souls took on written lyrics and this song written for spiritual release and the start of healing was finished 3:00 A.M. Wednesday, September 12. DisGuyz and Olinda Road Distribution released this as a CD-single, all proceeds donated to an existing charity assisting victims and their families. e-mail: disguyz5@aol.com