Pauahi `O Kalani (Pauahi, The Royal One) - Words & music by Queen Lili`uokalani
Noho ana ka wahine i ke anu o Mânâ
Mahalo i ka nani nohea o ka nahele

E ola `o Kalani e Pauahi lani nui
A kau i ka pua `ane`ane
E ola `o Kalani e Pauahi lani nui
E ola loa nô a kau i ka wêkiu

Ua `ike i na paia `a`ala ho`i o Puna
Ua lei na maile a`o Pana`ewa ho`i

Ho`i ana no na`e ke aloha i na kini
I ke one hanau i ka home i ke kaona

The woman dwells in the cold of Mânâ
Admiring the lovely beauty of the forest

Long live, Pauahi, the heavenly one
To extreme old age
Long live, Pauahi, the heavenly one
Live until she reaches the highest place

She has seen the fragrant bowers of Puna
And has worn leis of maile of Pana`ewa

But her love returns to multitudes
Of her birthplace, the home in the town

Source: King's Songs of Hawai`i" Copyright 1942 Charles E. King - Lydia Kamakaeha, later, Queen Lili`uokalani, the hânai daughter of High Chief Paki and High Chiefess Konia composed this song for Pauahi, her beloved foster sister. They were on a trip to the island of Hawai`i, had visited Puna and the Panaewa forest in the Hilo district and were in Mânâ where this mele was written. Translated by Mary Pukui.

Pauahi, the great-granddaughter of Kamehameha I, was named for her aunt, who was rescued from a fire as a baby. Pauahi means finished fire, destroyed by fire, or burned. This aunt was the mother of Ruth Ke`elikolani. Ruth and Pauahi were very close and when Ruth died in 1883, at age of 57, of heart disease, she left the bulk of her estate to her cousin, Pauahi, 353,000 acres of Kamehameha lands. When her parents died, Paki in 1855 and Konia in 1857, Pauahi inherited all of their lands on Oahu, Kona and Kauai, over 16,000 acres. From another aunt `Akahi, she inherited 9,557 acres. Her total inheritance was over 400,000 acres of royal lands. With this vast estate Pauahi directed her trustees to establish schools for Hawaiian children. This legacy for the future was left by a Princess not blessed with children of her own. Pauahi died of cancer, 1884, at age 52. The Kamehameha Schools, beneficary of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate was started in 1887.
Hânai Sisters 1854
Bernice Pauahi, age 23
Lydia Kamakaeha, age 16