Polynesian Welcome - Words & music by Alice Namakelua

Polynesian isles say Aloha to you
Bula says the Fijians
Aroha says the Maori and Tahitians, too
Alofa, Aloʻoha from Samoa
And the Tongans all
We welcome you
We welcome one and all

All our island shores greet you one and all
From the mountain to the sea
The palm trees sway and breezes blow
Sweet fragrance mild
The valley, the sunshine, the rainbow
And the sunset too
They welcome you

They welcome one and all
We welcome you,
We welcome on and all

Alice Namakelua
Source: "Aunty Alice Namakelua’s Lifetime Hawaiian Compositions" - Composed July 3, 1967. © 1973, Heinz Guenther Gerhard Pink