Pua Hone (Honey Flower) - by Dennis Kamakahi


O `oe ka wahine a ke aloha
I laila i ka uluwehi
Ku`u pua hone i ka la`i
Hone `ana i kêhau o Makiki
`O wau kou aloha
I ka noe kuahiwi
He u`i no `oe i ke kula
I wili `ia me ka
`Ie`ie o Leilono

Ha`ina mai ana ka puana
Ku`u pua hone i ka la`i
He nani maoli no


You are the woman that I love
There in the lush verdure is
My honey flower in the calm

Kissed by the dew of Makiki
I am your love
In the mountain mist

You are a beauty on the plains
Entwined with the sacred
`Ie`ie vine of Leilono

This ends my story
For my honey flower in the calm
A true beauty, indeed


Source: Makalena, Translated by Dennis Kamakahi, Copyright 1977, Naukilo Publishing Co. - This song was written in 1977 at Tacoma, WA. while the composer did a concert at the Federal Prison on McNeil Island in Puget Sound. It was a lu`au put on by the Hawaiian inmates (the first of it's kind). The composer was playing with Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawai`i at the time. The group was invited to represent Hawai`i by Governor George Ariyoshi. The composer was undecided, at that time, whether to return to Hawai`i or go back to Alaska, where he had decided to make his home. Waiting back in Hawai`i was his future wife. Perhaps absence does make the heart yearn for true love when one is separated by distance. After the concert, the composer called her on the phone and proposed to her with this song. Dennis Kamakahi and his wife just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary July 16, 2002