Pua Lilia (Lily Flower) - by Alfred Unauna Alohikea

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ʻAuhea wale ʻoe e ka ua
Ke nihi aʻe nei i nā pali
Ka helena o ia pua i ʻako ʻia
He popohe mai nei ia uka
Ia uka hoʻi aʻu e walea ai
Me ke ʻala onaona o kuʻu pua
He pua ʻoe na`u i lei mau ai
Ke ʻala o kuʻu pua lilia

Alfred Unauna Alohikea


Listen to the rain
Creeping silently along the cliffs
It looks as if this flower has been plucked
Shapely the upland
The very upland that I'll enjoy
With the sweet fragrance of my flower
You are a flower, always to wear as a lei
The fragrance of my lily blossom

Source: Leilani Sexton, grandaughter of Alfred & Elisabeth Kamanu Alohikea Holt. One of the most beautiful and erotic Hawaiian love poems, written by Alohikea, who was a master of kaona. A natural musician who could not read or write music, Alohikea was Kauaʻi's composer laureate. Described by Charles E. King as one of the greatest entertainers, Andy Cummings called him the finest single performer in Hawaiʻi. A farmer, fisherman, and quite a lady's man, he often sailed between Kauaʻi, Niʻihau and Oʻahu, to trade fish and taro. There was a "Lily" on each of the islands. He wrote the lyrics on one trip and the melody on another. His ex-wife, present wife and girlfriend were all at his side on his deathbed. This information was given to Leilani by her grand uncle who lived with Alfred in Hanalei. Music clip by Lani Lee, © Criterion Music Corp