Pua Lokelani - Alex “Alika” Krauth, Alana Chow, Keola Donaghy

‘Auhea wale ‘oe,
E ku’u pua lokelani.
‘O ka pua nani no ‘oe
I ku’u pu’uwai.

Ho’ohihi ka mana’o
I ke ‘ala pua loke.
He pua mae’ole ‘oe
I kui ‘ia.

He lei kaulana ‘oe
I kau a’e i ka hano
Onaona i ka ihu
Ke ‘ala ahe malie.

Ha’ina ‘ia mai
Ana ka puana.
‘Auhea wale ‘oe,
E ku’u pua lokelani.

Hear me,
My precious rose flower.
You are the truly beautiful flower
Of my affections.

My thoughts are entranced
By the fragrance of the rose blossom.
You are a never wilting flower
A lei that is strung as a lei.

You are a famous flower
that is raised in glory.
Fragrant when smelled
The gently wafting fragrance.

Is the story.
Hear me,
My precious rose flower.

Source: This song was written for Keali’i Blaisdell as a result of hearing about the stroke that he is recovering from. Although born in Hilo and spending most of his life in Alaska, he and his wahine moved to Maui in 2007 and still live there today. Therefore, what more could he be compared to but the lei of the island he calls home now?