Pua O Ka Makahala - by Katie Stevens Iʻi
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ʻAuhea wale ana ʻoe, e-e-e-e
Ka pua o ka makahala
Mai hoʻohala mai ʻoe, e-e-e-e
I ka pilina ua paʻa

Keu nō paha ua paʻa, e-e-e-e
Kou manaʻo iʻanei
Pili ʻia aku ʻoe, e-e-e-e
Ko la he kanaka uʻi

Nele i ka mea poepoe, e-e-e-e
Pau ka pilina ua paʻa
Haʻina mai ka puana, e-e-e-e
Ka pua o ka makahala

Where are you
Makahala blossom
Come, let us pass the time away
In a close relationship
Your thoughts are here and
I should be with you
In the days of youth and beauty
Without that round object
There is no intimacy
Tell the refrain
Of the makahala blossom
Source: Composed, in 1916, by the grandmother of Vicki Iʻi Rodrigues. Her husband, John, a composer in his own right, wrote Makee ʻAilana. There are several blossoms known as makahala. 1) wild tobacco with long narrow yellow flowers, 2) day cestrum with small white tubular flowers, 3) orange cestrum with long narrow blossoms, 3) red cestrum, 4) cape honeysuckle. Music clip by Paʻina