Puka-Puka Pants - Eaton Bob Magoon, Jr.


Never cared for stylish clothes
Send them back to France.
Give me a coconut hat on the side of my head
And my puka-puka pants

Strum my ukulele, boy, "Wanna see me dance?"
Give me a note and I'll sing"a ring-a-ding-ding"
In my puka-puka pants

I like to spend my day the island way just having fun
And where I go, I say "Hello" to ev'ryone.

Gonna stay the picnic type
Never mind the ants
With my shirt tail flapping in the breeze
And my puka-puka pants

Never cared for stylish clothes
Send them back to France
With a figure like mine, I can get along fine
In my puka-puka pants.

The moon is shing on the sea, its only kind of dark
I look at you, you look at me and we feel the spark.

I used to try and shy away from the cads and can'ts
With a flower lei hanging round my neck
And my puka-puka, puka-puka-puka, puka-puka-puka pants

Source: Composed in 1956, this song was presented in Bob Magoon's musical play "13 daughters".