Sunset Of Kalaupapa, Song of the Sunset - by Samson Kuahine 

The sunset of Kalaupapa
Smiles thru the evening rain
The tradewinds of Kalaupapa
Sing like an old refrain
There's music of romancing
Moonlight and stars above
Your magic charms, your dancing
Fill every night with love
My island of dreams
Means so much to me
When you're in my arms
Sighing so tenderly
So hold me close, my darling
Kiss me as lovers do
Then sunset of Kalaupapa
Will be a dream come true
Father Damien and resident patients at Kalaupapa

Source: Sweet Leilani, autobiography by Harry Owens - The composer, afflicted with Hansen's disease was exiled to Kalaupapa when he was 2 years old. Frank, the brother of Harry Owens, commuted to the leper colony at regular intervals to teach piano and discovered this song. He sent it to Harry, who publicized it on his TV show, December 1, 1950, printed copies of the song and asked his audience to purchase a copy for $1.00, promising to send all of the money to the 400 outcasts at Kalaupapa. Owens paid for more than 10,000 copies, received in excess of $14,000.00 and hand delivered the money to Kalaupapa, January 8, 1951. The elders: a judge, a lawyer, a business administrator (all infected with Hansen's disease) decided to buy a concert grand piano, guitars, ukuleles, steel guitars, bull fiddles and a TV, requested by the 28-year-old blind Sam Kuahine, who never saw a sunset at Kalaupapa. Recorded by Brother Nolan on "Ku" album © 1950 Royal Music Publishers