Tomi Tomi - David Nape

Nani wale nā hala, tomi tomi
O Naue i ka kai, tomi tomi

Ke ʻoni aʻe la, tomi tomi
Pili mai Haʻena, tomi tomi

ʻEna aku nā maka, tomi tomi
ʻO nā manu i ka pua, tomi tomi

A ʻike i ka lehua, tomi tomi
Miki ʻala i laila, tomi tomi

I laila no au, tomi tomi
Me ka manaʻo pū, tomi tomi

Nani wale ka nahele, tomi tomi
I pūia i ke ʻala, tomi tomi

Ke ʻala lauaʻe, tomi tomi
ʻO ka pua mokihana, tomi tomi

Oni aku nā Hono, tomi tomi
Ka pua o Piʻilani, tomi tomi

ʻO koʻu lei ia, tomi tomi
O ua laʻi nei, tomi tomi

Haʻina ka puana, tomi tomi
ʻO Kaleleonālani, tomi tomi

Beautiful are the pandanus
Of Naue by the sea

They are swaying
Close to Haʻena

The eyes of the birds look eagerly
At the flowers

When they see the lehua
They gather there

I went there, too
In thought

The forest is beautiful
Drenched in fragrance

Fragrance of ferns
And mokihana flowers

The Hono bays appear
The flowers of Piʻilani

She is my lei
And regal peace

Tell the refrain
For The-Flight-of-the-Royal-Ones

Source: Johnny Noble’s Royal Collection of Hawaiian Songs © 1929 Johnny Noble Rights throughout the world controlled by Miller Music Corp