Hoe Ana Te Vaka Row(ing) The Canoe

Hoe ana te vaka
Hoe ana, Tahiti, Mo`orea
Hoe ana te vaka
Tiai mai, tae atu vau
Ia oe, tau here

Rowing this canoe
Rowing to Tahiti & Mo`orea
Rowing this canoe
I wait (here, for you) with a strong desire
For you, my love

Source: Sagote Collection
Title: Hoe ana te vaka
Type: Pehe Aroha  ( Love song) Tane (man) to Vahine (woman)
Description: Simple and traditional style 'Folksong' with a common recurring theme of a departed loved one, sad and strong desire to return to his love
Origin: Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia
Language: Native Paumotu
Year: Unknown
Story & literal translation: Kumu Hula /Ra'atira  Paul Tavai-Latta, Vancouver, Canada