Tangi Tahiti (The Call of Tahiti) - Leon Pober


South of Pelu over the blue
Under the blanket of night
Comes the Call of Tahiti and you
Soft as an angel's wing
Voices begin to sing
And I'm remembering
Tahiti and our love

Down where the sailfish play
In the tropic sea
Why did I sail away
When I long to be
South of Pehu over the blue
Stronger and stronger I'm drawn
By the call of Tahiti and you
Warm are your eager lips
Cool are your fingertips
Cold is my heart
Since I'm apart from all I love

 Source: Criterion's Hawaiian Sing-a-Song Lyric Book © 1957, 85 Criterion Music Corp. Recorded by Nelson Riddle, Norman Luboff Choir, Hawaiian Surfers, Don Tiare