Tiare Tahiti (Flower of Tahiti - Steve Graham & Yves Roche

Never take a flower from Tahiti
It may never bloom again
For the Tiare Tahiti
Will never be the same
Lovely Tiare Tahiti
Has a fragrance oh so rare
But the Tiare Tahiti
Will only bloom there

It needs the sunshine of the tropic skies
And the tenderness of paradise
The trade winds breeze
Through swaying trees
Singing sweet melodies

So if you find a flower in Tahiti
Enjoy ev'ry moment's bliss
For the Tiare Tahiti
Will fade with your farewell kiss

Source: Criterion's Hawaiian Sing-a-Song Lyric Book © 1962, 90 Criterion Music Corp - Recorded by Lani Sang, Royal Tahitians