Ua Nani `O Nu`uanu - Mele Inoa for Alexander Liholiho, Kamehameha I, Music by Eddie Kamae

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Ua nani ʻo Nuʻuanu
I ka lau o ke kāwelu

Ua hâlâwai aku lâ
Me ka makani nui

E `i`ini ana ka mana`o
E `ike `iâ Kahuwailana

`O ko`u hoa no ia
`O ka ua Ki`owao

Ua pono nô kâua
Ho`okohu ana ia ka mana`o

Ha`ina mai ka inoa
`O kalani `Iolani

Alexander Liholiho, Kamehameha IV
Beautiful is Nu`uanu
With the kâwelu grass

There one always meets
With the strong wind

One looks forward
To seeing Kahuwailana

My friend is there
The rain named Ki`owao

It is good for us
Pleasing to the mind

To honor the name of
King Kamehameha IV `Iolani


Mataio Kekuanao`a
Emma Na`ea Rooke

 Alexander Liholiho `Iolani was born Feb 9, 1834. His parents were high chiefess Kina`u, the daughter of Kamehameha I and high chief Mataio Kekuanao`a, governor of Oahu. Alexander, his brother Lot and his sister Victoria Kamamalu were all hanai to Kauikeouli, Kamehameha III and his wife Kalama. Educated at Chiefs' Children School, he ran away several times, returned and became a good scholar. At age 15, he and his brother Lot, the future Kamehameha V, accompanied Dr. Gerritt P. Judd on a mission to Europe and the United States. Liholiho's journal at the Hawaiian Historical Society Library relates the first incident of racial discrimation experienced by the 2 princes on their homeward journey. This incident led to British influence under his reign, as Alexander considered Americans uncivilized and rude. Liholiho became king, January 16, 1855, upon the death of Kauikeouli, Kamehameha III. He married Emma Na`ea Rooke, his childhood sweetheart, June 19, 1856, at Kawaiaha'o Church, a union of mutual love and respect. The royal couple's major concern was the health and welfare of Hawaiians. Queens Hospital was established with donations of $13,000 on 9 acres of land purchased for $2000 from Caesar Kapa`akea, the father of Kalâkaua and Lili`uokalani. Devastated by the death of his only child, 4-year-old Prince Albert, the king turned to the Church of England for comfort and guidance. He translated the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer from English to Hawaiian for his subjects and donated his gardens to establish a church, that was eventually built by his brother, Lot, Kamehameha V. Lot named the church St. Andrew's Cathedral because his brother Alexander Liholiho died on St. Andrew's Feast Day, Nov 30, 1863, at age 29. Music clip by Paina

Source: Myrna Kamae - Eddie Kamae put the music to this chant but hasn't taken credit for it except on his own album that came out in 1964.